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The Circle Stories strengthen groups, teams or communities through storytelling workshops where the participants meet and share invented tales.
They rise up the number and quality of interactions and improve the participants soft skills: self confidence and public speaking and outreach.
The workshops are rooted in oral tradition, traditional storytelling, improvisation theater and peer learning facilitation.

Tell me a story

The group is invited to a workshop.
It is facilitated by The Circle team. They are experienced collective intelligence specialists.

The organiser chooses a theme: it impacts the activities proposed during the workshop, to make them fit the group’s challenges.
He chooses the workshop location: it can be anywhere in Europe: at the organiser’s headquarters, at a gathering, or at The Circle’s space – Paris, 5th.

Once upon a time…

Icebreakers make participants get to know each other and increase their self confidence.
Every participant creates a narrative. The members of the group exchange places, characters and actions.

They develop their active listening skills, and build the story through a collaborative approach.
They work with one or several partners and often swap over.

It’s a kind of magic!

Step by step, the group evolves, and so do the stories.
The participants build up on their own stories in groups of 4-5, and take turns to become the storyteller, witness or support the others.

They release their creativity by building up their own story and contributing to the other’s.
They open a strong space of kindness, that allows everyone to speak out.

How does the story end?

The full group finally listens to the stories created.
Each member speaks out his creation, supported by the others.

They reveal the end of the story, kept secret before.
The stories can be recorded: each participant walks away with an audio file.

comes to life


Communicating clearly over an issue

Mikhail carries on research on molecular biology. He struggles to get attention from the public.
Thanks to the Circle stories, he finds out how to tell the adventures of his favorite bacteria! The children are loving it…and so is the public of his conferences.

The stories allow to empathize with a main character, and follow his challenges along the way. A connection between the storyteller and the listeners emerges. The speaker can then voice out an open message, and engage the audience.

Team building

Contributing to a shared culture

Alice would like to gather the employees and trainees from her education program, split between Paris, Bordeaux, Madrid and Lisboa.
The Circle allows them to exchange over their cultures, and evoke their daily life in a friendly way.

The participants build sustainable connections with one another by sharing projects and supporting each other.
The Circle manages a space of kindness that enables free speech. It is an opportunity to explore the horizons and inspirations of each member of the group.

Public speaking

Sharing the community dreams

Zora has always been telling: to her sister, to her nephews under the big tree at the end of the garden, on sunny days. Theo never did.
In The Circle Room – Paris 5th – they take the time to listen to their imagination, and let their speech build up.

Everybody can tell a story. The Circle stories increases the ability to speak out to a large audience, and trigger engagement through Public speaking. The interactions allow to relax and speak the truth.

3 hours to 2 days
8 to 80 participants

Short circle 3h

Getting to know each other
and discovering Storytelling

The participants create a simple narrative and develop their storytelling skills.

They discover their own and the others way of thinking. Their speech is supported by the group.

The stories shared are the spark for a common culture.

Learning the storytelling basics
Building a space of collaboration between participants

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Long circle 1-2 days

Delivering a strong message
and strengthening existing connections

The participants create a complex story and understand how a narrative works, and how to fully engage their audience.

They improve their self-confidence and discover how their body supports their speech.

The stories shared trigger a transformation for the group and engage a larger audience.

Fully engaging an audience through storytelling
Building a shared culture within the group

Book a workshop

Monthly circle 3h

Discovering the Circle
and finding your own speech

Every month, come, create and share stories to reveal your own speech. Deeply rooted in the imagination and the body, and expressed through a gently cooked narrative.

Taking the time to listen in a beautiful venue, and to help the others shape a story.

Having a tea and listening to the beautiful stories created together.

Every month, relax and share stories Paris – 5th district – open to all – French, English and Spanish spoken. Next sessions Wed. 12th Feb 7-10 pm / Sun. 23rd Feb. 3-6 pm

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The workshop triggers to enhance the interactions of a group, either new or recently gathered.  
Preparing a workshop with The Circle Stories allows the co-creation of a customised time, and to benefit from an expertise that tackles clearly identified issues.
The kindness and engagement from Rémi and Marie to make the project a success allowed a fructful and heartwarming collaboration to take place.

Marion Graeffly,
On Purpose Paris

I had a greatly rewarding experience by taking part in a workshop facilitated by The Circle stories! The space and the tools provided allowed me first to release my own imagination, finally enriched by a common story created in full group. I’d now like to further this experience and come back for a new workshop with The Circle stories!

Diane Machayekhi
Participant – Short circle - On Purpose - Paris

Create a story with the others is a process that allows to share and discover the desire and way of thinking of each member of the group, through playful activities.  
The workshop allowed about 40 people to connect with one another, through authentic and quality sharings, with a great sense of lightness.
A moment quite out of time, with both intimacy and sparkling réflexion and action. A great balance a respect of rythm.

Joanne Zaoui
Trainings manager On Purpose Paris
Organiser – Short Circle

I took part in a wonderful storytelling workshop the last couple of days. I’m amazed by the power of storytelling! Thanks to Marie and Rémi #evoke2019 #stories #storytelling #scicomm #evolution

Siri Katharina Kellner
Participant – Long Circle – EvoKe 2019 – Split (Croatia)


Rémi GARCIA-KERVIEL is the founder of The Circle Stories. He is an independant consultant and manages projects across several cultures. He facilitates collective intelligence workshops, trains institutions on collaborative approaches. He is an experienced storyteller. He uses the arts of speech to help out the organisations with their inner transformation and scale changing.

Marie LAOT is a comedian, singer, and author. Formerly jurist in human rights working with the United Nations, she works with narratives as a source for reconciliation, from amerindian issues to radicalisation. She carries on with her research after taking part in International Actor’s Institute Grotowski in Poland.

Christophe CALABER is an expert in innovation and creative methods. His interest in group dynamics lead him to individual and group coaching approaches. He is fond of theater improvisation, writing, and an experienced storyteller. He cofounded « Home sweet room – Escape games at home »


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